If in the genesis of the design of this project there is the reinterpretation of Nadir Afonso work – painter and architect natural from Chaves – on the concept of architecture and its distancing from the work of art, affirming the conflict between the pure form of the plastic arts and the functionality and technical impositions inherent to the architectural object, we accept the challenge of seeking that, not only on the building’s geometry but also its material implementation, resulting in its functional response. Thus, if the circular shape is different from the urban landscape, its wooden covering frames relates the object to the garden, answering inside to practical questions such as the fluidity of paths in an exhibition space that organizes itself from the outside to the inside on a journey that ends in the visual relationship with the symbolic water mirror setting that evokes the Tâmega river and, also, the fact that we are in one of the most important thermal regions in Portugal.



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