The conception goes against the intention of building an equipment capable, responsible, rigorous, which promotes the processes of learning and transmitting knowledge.

A University is a device that represents a noble character, by imposing this respect, in a non-intimidating, but appealing and seductive, arousing interest and curiosity, as an invitation to knowledge – to the academic knowledge but also the knowledge of the building itself.

That way, the building is understood as a large diamond, textured, unpolished and rough on the outside, polished and lapidary inside. This is a place of two moments: one a rough exterior, textured character, in contrast to the other, interior, noting the twinkle in its moments of cutting, as in the process of cutting diamantes, where knowledge shines and is lapidated and where learning  crystallizes.

The proposal, longitudinal dynamics orientated, is organized around courtyards of varying sizes, from which abundant light becomes, illuminating naturally all the necessary spaces.





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