The project is part of a wide intervention that spreads from this central axis to the rest of the city. The project main goal was to transform an uncharacteristic space in a qualified and humanized axis. The strategy has implications on wide urban flows, creating roots to positive urban growth and regeneration.
The aim is to boost circulation and use in a multi-programmatic narrative, where green is a constant, focusing on the well-being and full access to useful services, sports facilities or leisure equipment. The program suits various needs, result of a part buoyant, part resident, population.

The concept is based on the theme of a continuous path that crosses a structural green axis, where elements appear as programmatic and iconographic moments, in form of platforms, characterizing a positive city personality.
The work reached to all possible variables of intervention, from landscaping to public lighting or the design of the urban equipment, integrated in the platforms and distributed in the circuit.


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