The building is a monumental welcoming door to the culture of Bavaria. The museum as a grand gateway to the city, housing the legacy of its past, while literally inserts itself in the narrative of the future, that is the every day life, written daily.

The building is understood as a compliment to the tangible and intangible values ​​of Bavarian culture. It is a door that invites, not only to the discovery of the building, but also the city and the Bavarian region.

The architecture assumes a strong iconographic presence, however without being a barrier in the urban area, both physically and visually. As history, the presence of the building should be felt, but must also be permeable, allowing clear streams and relations with the surrounding context.

The building relies on the historical symbolism of the great urban monuments, like bows or large ports, rich architectural tradition, reinterpreting them through a contemporary language associated with intrinsic social values.

The creation of a covered plaza offers a qualified welcoming space for visitors, but also creates a new public space, allowing the enjoyment of the riverfront, a new urban meeting point, a port of arrival of the Danube, one enhancing positive social interaction, the place as a metaphor of citizenship and democratic values. The architecture is a tribute to the culture and tradition, but also offers a contribution to this society and to future generations.

The facade is itself iconographic by the design inspired in the well-known rhombus pattern present in the Bavarian Flag, punctuated with decisive and extraordinary openings that provide specific panoramic views or that only exist when necessary. The adopted facade material is the natural local stone typical in the surrounding medieval city.

The building also embodies an innovative exhibition path, that we called the Loop Concept. The concept starting point is the functional traditional horizontal continuous path, but in this case rotated 90 degrees and placed in a vertical loop.

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