Procuradoria Geral da Républica
Project Date
1st Prize
Art Direction
Francisco Salgado Ré

The Public Prosecution Service of Portugal

The Public Prosecution Service is a body within the system of administration of justice and part of the judicial branch of the State. It constitutes a magistracy similar to that of the judiciary, but separate from and independent of it. Like the judges, public prosecutors are magistrates.

The Public Prosecution Service is an institution whose purpose is to guarantee the right to equality and equality before the law, as well as the full compliance with the laws according to the democratic principles.

Four main principles rule the action of the Public Prosecution Service:



The nature and identity of the Public Prosecution Service, associated with the functions that are constitutionally assigned to it, with a semantics of justice, autonomy, service to the citizen, initiative, dynamism and modernity, gave rise to the principles of the concept of its graphic identity.

These principles seek a graphically expressive and distinctive image, basing the graphic principles on the characteristic values of the Public Prosecution Service. In this way, the strategy corresponds to the institutional character of the organism, concretized with geometric rigor, sobriety and balance.


The graphic identity of the Public Ministry is a basic tool of the relationship with its interlocutors. The need for clear and objective communication to the population has given rise to the conception of a coherent image and a unique form of expression that reflects the intention of the Public Prosecutor’s approach to the citizens.




The set of graphic elements allows to establish an identity transversal to all the organic units in which the Public Prosecutor’s Service unfolds. The objective is to embrace all the parts through a coherent and expansive unitary graphic system, thus allowing the immediate and coherent recognition of the entire body.

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