Tábua Rasa concept is simple and objective: quality over quantity, a relaxed contemporary space, a tribute to artisans, presenting traditional food with a modern touch. Slow food and good wines.
The visual identity is designed to embed the personality of the restaurant, following the motto of simplicity and objectivity.
The identity is constatly present in all possible materials and media, ranging from the stationary, to the food wood boards, menus or in the interior architecture.










The name Tábua Rasa has several layers of meaning. For instance, it literaly means flat wood board like the ones where they serve the food (in portuguese tábua = wood board). Also, it is related to the expression “Tabula Rasa” from the Latin, that means new start or clean slate. It is also an tribute to the traditional carpenters that made the street famous since medieval times (for curiosity sake, there are still two neighbour carpentrys in activity, from where the restaurant owners ordered the tables, from one carpenter, and the chairs, from another).





The logo is representation of a food board. The the extention of the A and the R are a methaphor of the cutlery.

Most of the dissemination, presence, recognition and interaction of the brand is made by illustrations that maintain a choerent visual language to communicate messages, events or promotions, through inspired vector based illustrations under the cheese&ham theme.



See also the interior architecture project by AND-RÉ here.

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