Santa Casa da Misericórdia
S. João da Madeira
2.550 sqm
Project Date
1st Prize
Bruno André

Health Care Center for long and medium-term patients with rehabilitation and continued care facilities. The center hosts 64 beds in a smart building with NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings) compliance. The objective was to create a humanized space in scale and character with a residential feeling that promotes comfort and well-being.

Despite being located in the city center, the plot’s lush vegetation became the main inspiration for the design. By placing the building on the eastern side of the plot apart from its limits, this ‘green island,’ protected and reinforced by the building itself, stands as a filter, increasing privacy.

The building’s fluidity between the interior and exterior spaces was vital to the design. The building’s innovation lies in the ambitious program; thus, the programmatic dialogue was the engine for seeking new articulations and possible relationships between the program and its users. Ultimately, the building was designed to be a comfortable space for patients, staff, and visitors, with a layout developed to respond to current needs while allowing flexibility for adaptation to different future needs.

The ground floor is a support and transitional element between the highest and intermediate levels. The programmatic distribution was structured on each floor with its unit of hospitalization and on the ground floor with common spaces. The upper floors are divided into double and individual private rooms. The central distribution axis and stairwells are the structural elements of the space, while also serving as the main axes of the structure. Therefore, in the future, it will be possible to rearrange the bedrooms to better meet the needs of the Integrated Continuous Care Unit.

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