Project Date
Iberian Urban Equipment Design Award
Bruno André + Francisco Salgado Ré




Verso public lighting system is the result of a creative gesture that intends to join functionality with a distinguished contemporary image.
The essence of the project reflects a conceptual approach that understands design as a mean of interaction between the creator and the user, provoking a reactive position in the urban anonymity of the contemporary context.
The result is an object that causes reactions, emotions and sensations in the observer, provocative pieces that explore the sensitive limits of their utilization.

There is an intimate intention for monotony escape; challenging ways to follow the instinct, without lose the rationality of the design.
The objects are visual seduction pieces, challenging a multidimensional observation, exploring the fourth dimension, creating a multiplicity of angles and different perspectives.
Verso is influenced by the conceptual syntheses of organic inputs, summarized by the dynamic force of straight lines.
The concept is translated into a surprising user experience that provokes reflection, giving the design an individual personality.


The challenge of the three-dimensional realization of the dynamic object has been achieved through an intensive research with three-dimensional modeling, working the angles and the connection breaking points, dematerializing the objective continuity of the elementary triangular section, seeking diversification of perception.


The complexity of the object leads to a totally innovative manufacturing process, combining the latest cutting edge technologies with manual craftsmen manufacture, since no standard tools or materials available on the market are used in fabrication. The triangular profile is built from the ground by bending a single steel sheet, welded and polished by hand.

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