AND-RÉ office, founded in 2008 by Bruno André and Francisco Salgado Ré, is a creative studio dedicated to the strategic practice and forward-thinking of architecture and design, which it uses to create positive responses to contemporary challenges and paradigms. The office works to find pragmatic and contextualized solutions, focused on the user and on the human relationship with space and objects, and their impact on the world and society. Headquartered in Porto, Portugal, the office develops innovative strategic concepts based on respect for society, the environment, and context. The dedication and thorough practice of these values resulted in several recognitions and awards. The work is committed to being incisive, relevant, and meaningful for users and society, searching for the best responses to any given challenge with an innovative mindset, aware of the consequences of actions in a global world.


We have an elastic and multidisciplinary team that covers several disciplines. The cross-pollination of knowledge between areas of action allows a global response to various challenges. We create architectural projects in a wide range of scales and programs, including housing, commerce, and services. Our portfolio includes several examples of single and multi-family housing, museums, theatres, schools, bridges, hotels, commercial, hospitals, industrial, institutional and offices, among other public and private facilities. We also develop identity and graphic design solutions, elaborating brand images, architectural branding, wayfinding and communication. We also create equipment and product design solutions, having already developed projects such as public shared bicycles, urban furniture, lighting and recycling solutions.


We seek to create strategic, coherent, contextualized and innovative solutions based on a humanist and social mentality. Everything we do is committed to being incisive, relevant and meaningful to users and society. We seek to create innovative and engaging designs with a humanistic focus, reflecting the awareness of our actions in the global world. We conceive user-centered design, helping clients realize their goals. We identify, discover and analyze issues, promoting a response through design strategy. We visualize spaces, products, services and experiences that bring the future to life.


Act strategically facing main issues.
Adapt to different contexts.
Respect the past and work for the future.
Believe in the user perspective point of view.
Think in architecture and design as critical activities.
Aim for responsible, comprehensive and engaging creations.
Feel creation both as cultural consequence and generator.
Understand architecture and design as solutions.

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