About Studios
Art Direction
Francisco Salgado Ré

About Studios is a portuguese based gaming company, dedicated to development corporate entertainment and social games.
We created a playful and dinamic identity, communicated in a clear direct speach, using powerful and dinamic communication tools.

The concept is based in several references of the gamming universe and the digital world, picking inspirations in its history, its classics, in strong and recognizable graphic and visual elements, or in non-digital popular games or puzzles.
The logo embodies the values of the brand and sets the tone of rigour and bold dinamic personality of the company.

The image is determined and bold, inspired by the digital technology arts universe. The brand aims for the compreension of a smart public, eager for new games and technologies.

We designed a website that is the outcome of the overall concept and reflects the bold and vibrant brand, aiming for a clear communication and navigation.

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