The proposal determines a new approach to sustainability, adapting the project development method to specific high demands. The resulting competition proposal is a building that promotes spatial quality, in a complex program, and an iconographic design emerged from sustainability concerns.

The high demands of the intricate Laboratories and Bioterium program, involved a rational organization resolution concluded in a system of maximum functionality.





The form of the building is not a mere formal/plastic exercise, but an innovative reply before energy and environment necessities. The proposal not only responds to an high demand ambient requirements, but also reached a response of excellency, going beyond the initial requirements.

The volume is understood as a morphic mass, designed under a strategy of solar incidence control. The architecture is the first element to contribute for the success of the organism, answering to the environment commitments, diminishing the dependence in the mechanical systems of artificial environmental control.


The system is based in a Morphologic Skin concept that involves the program, rationally distributed in the interior. Although the complex aspect of the form, the proposal appeals to objective construction solutions, executed without shallow forms or plastic artificiality.

The strategy associates a conventional and regular structural system – pillars and beams under an orthogonal metric of porches of standard sizing, thus allowing a rigorous organization of the interior – with one exterior covering skin covering made of metallic surface modules.



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