The library will be a symbol and representation of Korean culture. We can find the best synthesis of Korean cultural representation in the Taegeukgi, the Korean flag. Its design symbolizes the principles of the Yin and Yang in Asian philosophy. The circle in the center of the flag is the Taegeuk (Yin and the Yang), with the two forces that symbolizes continual movement, balance, and harmony that characterize the sphere of infinity.
Four trigrams surrounding the circle are represented by a superposition of three lines, read from bottom to top according to three levels (Ground, Human and Heavenly). The Human Being occupies an intermediate position between heaven and earth, because he has to discover at the same time, the heavenly source (the world within itself) and its place within the terrestrial world (yourself in the world).

The library embodies these strong spiritual culture elements. The building translates the philosophy, interpreting the Yang (white, bright, rational, active, warm, sky) as the form above, and the Yin (dark, complex, cold, passive, earth) as the elements below.
The building concept is adapted the actual “reading” of the trigrams, since the section represents the Earth level, the Human level and the Sky. Therefore the building is a system that as its roots in the ground, with the dark areas of the program, opens itself to a protected exterior public unlimited plaza on the ground floor that is finally covered by the rest of the program floating above, like a white cloud in the sky.








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