Museums, like society, face new challenges, consequence of the contemporary world rapid changes. Museums are therefore adapting to new needs and paradigms, by re-shaping their identity.
The fast changing world obliges an adaptation to variables like digitation, the global non-physical access to information and knowledge, new generations of public and demands, or the interpretation of the cultural heritage itself.

In result, museums need to be wider institutions, increasingly more open to society, more permeable and seductive, with dynamic programs, renewed offers, actions and venues, signifying an engagement that reaches multiple social interests and serves itself has a social hub.
The museum of tomorrow must go beyond the “static knowledge” offer, covering a wider range of interactions, capable of fulfilling multiple interests and demands of communities.






HHM will be a music-like experience. Similarly to a concert, the parts construct the hole. Time allows it to be perceived. Momentums, contrasts, melody, scale, quietness or drama, compose the spatial argument, discourse and narrative of this “frozen music”.
The building curved walls are inspired by music. The building stands as a frozen moment in the composition plot. Like a visible form of sound, architecture takes the shape of fluid melodic waves.

Creating paths of spatial discovery, promoting sensations, playing with contrasts of light, with materiality, enhancing a free-will democratic possibility of walkthrough the building, the visitor is invited to discover, to play, to pause, to stop, to move forward or backward.



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