Natura Village


L4+L7 / Natura Village
Vilamoura World
Vilamoura - Portugal
4.150 sqm
Project Date
Under Construction
GEG, OhLand!
Francisco Salgado Ré

The Algarve region boasts one of Portugal’s most abundant architectural heritages. Drawing inspiration from traditional and vernacular styles, this rich legacy serves as the foundation for a contemporary reinterpretation that establishes a contextual and harmonious connection with the local area and its history. The design concept is influenced by various elements, such as typologies adapted to the climate, efficient use of openings and fenestrations, a Mediterranean color palette, and a modern take on rooftop terraces. These motifs not only contribute to the aesthetic, spatial, and visual qualities of the architecture but also prioritize sustainability and performance.


The development strives to establish a consistent architectural image that creates a ubiquitous, coherent, and captivating visual identity. This identity goes beyond describing the project itself and embodies a language that characterizes the overall experience, daily life, lifestyle, and urban atmosphere. It can be observed in the spatial arrangement, architectural gestures, environments, and amenities. Therefore, the proposal aims to create a contemporary concept that aligns with the current pace, realities, and demands, fostering an easy living spirit that extends beyond physical boundaries and encompasses a high quality of life, sustainability values, and a genuine appreciation for architecture, space, and time.


Time, the most precious resource, the most valuable asset. Quality is not solely determined by objective performance metrics, but also by subjective elements and intangible values that enhance overall well-being. Placing emphasis on aesthetics becomes crucial. When time is treated as an essential element, approached with reverence and attentiveness, it enables its seamless integration, elevates its essence, and amplifies its impact. By creating room for time to unfold, one ultimately opens up space for a more fulfilling and vibrant life experience.

Creating space for time is giving space for life.


The project adheres to a meticulous and structured metric system, characterized by modularity and repetition. This approach not only enhances the rationality of design and construction but also allows for flexibility and diversity. Based on this modular metric framework, the construction process becomes more efficient, making optimal use of pillars and beams, thereby reducing costs without compromising quality or spatial interest. The strategy of metric modularization also facilitates cost rationalization in construction and investment.








Developer promotional video.

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