The topography is assumed as an essential element of the urban design. The problem of the existing site´s slope is seen as a potential of the project and it is solved by creating a large level platform.
The level platform is composed by one central plaza paved for pedestrian and cycle traffic, representing the urbanity and enabling diverse experiences. Trades and services are related to this same level platform, where new or existing buildings are expected to be implemented. This new plaza serves and promotes the crossing between “route des Franchises” and “route de Meyrin” and it is formalized by the natural shape of the existing topography, being at the same level from one extreme to another of the site.

This level platform is also articulated in part, by existing spaces to the south between the buildings to maintain and its extension to the north until the new buildings. Therefore, it will ensure a harmonious connection between the existing spaces, that will be integrated, and the new buildings.
The project was thought as a strategy to be divided into several stages, adapting the evolution of the buildings to the capacity of the promoters’ implementation. However, it is still possible to identify a first phase, where is predicted to demolish the building on plot 5396, which is vacated, in order to proceed with the construction of two housing blocks and one elderly housing block.


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