Aveiro - Portugal
12.000 sqm
Project Date
1st Prize
Bruno André

An affordable housing complex of 108 dwellings, 500 sqm of retail, in a 14.612 sqm site of the former Luzoestela factory in Aveiro.

The intervention follows clear design principles, considering affordability, durability and sustainability of the construction, being the main goal to create quality affordable housing units, with socially driven green spaces, opened to the city. The site is defined by a heterogeneous built environment and by two railway lines on the South and West sides, that the proposal aims to consolidate and stitch with a thought imprint and volumetric focus.

The buildings are organized in four volumes in a u-shaped layout, defining an essential central void devised as a generous garden with small spread-out playgrounds and a square. These different programs, along with the sports area, plan to promote engagement with the surrounding neighborhood and to establish a welcoming environment.

The layout of the typologies reflects the pragmatism and rationality inherent to the project. The centralized access following a left-right principle predicts the separation in opposite facades of the public and private areas of the dwellings. This choice also allows for cross ventilation and proper sun exposure, contributing to the energy consumption performance. Strategically, the service areas were in the central point near the entrance marking the transition between the private and public areas, while the living and dining rooms were planned as flexible spaces. The balcony is an indispensable part of the dwelling as it expands the living spaces to the exterior.

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