The proposal seeks to solve a dense program, fulfilling the intention to achieve a responsible and rigorous solution, in a sustainable building with reduced construction and maintenance costs.

Despite the program’s density and the necessary functional maximization, the objective was to create a dynamic architecture that stimulates the senses, exploring spatial and plastic properties, aiming for an architectural object based on performance in all its variables.



The concept aims for an integrated, rational and holistic system that provides urban dynamics and promotes relationships with the city morphology. The proposal presents values of urban synergy, therefore representing an important, unique and captivating equipment, despite the rationality of its design and implementation, responding sensitively to the contemporary context and the promoter expectations.

The project is developed on a base modular system that allows the rational organization of the extensive program. Strategically, the rule was used to create exceptions, highlighting particular spatial moments between the programmatic repetitions. The internal rational system – such as the bone structure of the building – is coated with provocative skin that creates visual engagement, promoting an aesthetic relation between the architectural object and the users.




It was proposed a distributing of the program in three main blocks, arranged over a base that unites the ground level, allowing a joint distribution through the building.
The volumetric composition allows visual permeability through the terrain, avoiding it to became an obstacle and a visual imposition in the landscape, to absorb new perspectives and landscape visual frameworks.

The volumetric organization is designed to maximize the views and solar orientation of the rooms, intention also enhanced by the geometric manipulation of the facade.

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