He woke up in a bland day, apparently just the same as others, with the morning sun slowly following the awakening. He came to the street, still slightly disoriented, and there was something different. He felt peculiar presences around Him, but strangely, He did not felt threatened. Already awake, he realized that they had invaded the city. Perfectly round white skin creatures, distinguished from each other by the color of their mouths, were multiplying, rolling down the hills, scattered in groups and joining at strategic points. Then, they opened their blue, yellow, green and black mouths, and began eating all the garbage, in a careful manner, with amazing criteria. Now he was certain that these little funny soldiers had come in peace. He knew that they would not attack and that they came with the purpose to protect him and his habitat. At this point, one of them came up to him smiling and said, “One can resist an invading army, but one cannot resist the invasion of ideas”.

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