S. João da Madeira Municipality
S. João da Madeira
Project Date
Competition Proposal
2nd prize
Bruno André

SANJOTEC is a tech incubator campus for IT businesses and start-ups. The new building will host laboratories, offices, and workshops. The proposal aims for a faultless performance in environmental sustainability with an architectural language that embeds a balance between sobriety and rigor with drama and refined sophistication. It evokes innovation and strong character, while preserving rationality and pragmatism.

The site placement led to the definition of the entrance square. The glass facade itself appears over the wooden lattice structure, revealing the core and the innovation within. The floor plan is a straight-forward square strategically placed on the far east side of the plot, thus creating breathing space between the existing buildings. This location was chosen precisely for the potential of this exterior space, which can function as an informal extension of the working areas. In addition, this outside space works as a unifying element for the whole campus, clarifying its internal and external circulation networks.

The geometric floor plan underlines the rationality and strong modularity, along with the central patio that qualifies the interior spaces and contributes to the environmental sustainability of the building by ensuring transversal ventilation and natural light. The program develops office, workshop, and laboratory spaces. The last ones, with 9 meters of free height, occupy the first and second floors, while the two last levels are intended to house the business units, where the open floor plan allows for a wide range of layouts.Two main circulation cores are located in opposite quadrants, housing the mechanical vertical distributions and staircases.

The hierarchy of accesses is intrinsically related to the philosophy of each of these nuclei: a public one related to the access from the main square; and a service one connected to the loading and unloading dock. Finally, the meeting or presentation spaces, designed to be as flexible and heterogeneous as possible, hence adapting to the various needs of each company, are located in close proximity to the main entrance and serve as a meeting point between internal users and external visitors.

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