The strength of the conceptual project was born of the dynamics of the land and the consequent clarity of approach. The shape follows a continuous line, embodied in a high wall that structures the implementation of the housing volume. This volume has its back at this wall, that privatizes it from the street and open spaces for light and scenery to South.

The large vertical wall is seen as the core element of vigor and robustness that supports the house, as a curtain that protects the family strength and inner experience. In its intimate side, the house develops a master volume of wood, a material that makes the architecture sensitive to the contact.




The house thus provides a richer experience every day, appealing to the senses, smell, touch and change the color and texture, which marks the passage of time. The intention was a clear system, in its formal, organizational and functional aspects. The house is a rational organization, which seeks to relate the best of all parameters of the architecture.

No major formal artifacts or empty language speeches, it seeks to synthesize the elements to their essence, leaving space for other aspects of architecture to develop, such as respect for the landscape, solar orientation, materiality, creating a system supported by a purified and essential language that does not forget the poetic intrinsic to the creation of human space.





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