exhibition pavilion


Serralves Foundation
200 to 600 sqm
Project Date
Competition Proposal
1st Prize
Bruno André + Francisco Salgado Ré


The challenge made by the Serralves Foundation, was to create a new exhibition space that could be transportable, modular and expandable, in order to promote itinerary exhibitions and showcase the art collection in different cities, enabling a greater connection with the general public.





In our perspective, the solution should not only be able to provide an objective answer to the mutability, expansion, adaptability, modularity and transportability needs, but also be a dignified exhibition space, with all the technical and physical conditions of a “real” museum, as it should be, in respect to the art collection of the Serralves Foundation. The challenge was even more demanding due to the need to comply with a well targeted construction, assemblage and maintenance budget.





With this in mind, our proposal for the new Itinerant Exhibition Pavilion for the Serralves Foundation is based on a prefab/modular concrete system, providing a resistance that withstands time and hard use with a qualified architecture response.



Original photograph by João Morgado – www.joaomorgado.com


The system allows a high level of both flexibility and durability, and, at the same time, guaranties the possibility of built-in insulation and natural lighting, creating the ideal environment for art exhibitions.
With this modular system it’s possible to grow the pavilion infinitely or to use it as scattered elements. Both proposals (200sqm and 600sqm) can be built using the same elements, and can be stored by themselves, in a self-built storage unit.



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