Sidegrade concept consists in a modular living structure occupying empty facades in the city, understood as a morph and growing element, relating the pre-existence with the new attachment. The system is based in a prefabricated structure attached to the blind unused façade. It is expandable/retractable, allowing multi functionality, and easy transportation.

Existenzminimum was privileged by a concentrated and mutating living space. The structure behaves as a system that improves economic and ecological sustainability. In eco sustainability terms, Sidegrade response is based in the use of rain water, collected from the roofs to the reservoir in the base of the volume, and in the use of sun light power, transformed in energy by solar panels placed on an articulated arm structure facing the sun.

This folding system also contributes to economic sustainability, by the possibility of advertising, in panels facing down to the street.

The objective is also to use these resources in a shared way with the receptor building, in a trade agreement. The pre-existing building provides vertical land/site in exchange for an extra resource of water and power supply.

Both buildings gain with the agreement such as buffalos that let birds to hang on their backs eating bugs of their fur.





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