More than a design of new offices, our project is a comprehensive strategy for the complex of the Administrative Center of Maranhão.

Our goal is the creation of a place: a place for all: employees, visitors, politicians, officials and citizens of Maranhão. A simple intervention arouses the full potential of CAE in the form of a continuous ring and strategically located.
The ring symbolizes the consolidation of all departments of the State of Maranhão. The new ring will be a reference for all its users and visitors.

Our project changes the current condition of a set of office buildings isolated and disconnected located between a large parking lot, to a place of unity. A simple movement unleashes an apparently hellish situation. The ring joins existing buildings, creating a clear, access and circulation. In its center a piece of nature. The common area of the complex becomes a collective garden. Inside the ring, is located within a plant office efficient and flexible. Without beginning or end, the plan is adaptable to any future changes. The background is an efficient solution for the various functions of the complex.



Underneath the ring, it is organized a number of social facilities, restaurants, cafés, visitors center, an auditorium, living spaces, a library, exhibitions and entries for each department in the existing upper floors.

In the center we implement a piece of nearby forest, a fauna full of life and a green lung for the whole complex. A garden patchwork shaped, based on paths and spaces of greenery with seating for occasional meetings, individual breaks or waiting spaces for visitors.


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