Bruno André is co-founding partner of AND-RÉ. Born in Oporto in 1981, he graduated in architecture at FAULP. He previously worked with Carlos Castanheira and Álvaro Siza Vieira on various projects in Portugal, Dubai and Korea.

Francisco Salgado Ré is co-founding partner of AND-RÉ. Born in Porto in 1981, he studied arts and architecture at FAULP. He dedicated his work to a multidisciplinary cross-pollinated practice between different areas such as architecture, design, art or gastronomy.




Architects, designers, visual artists and other professionals that work or collaborated with AND-RÉ:




Adalgisa Lopes – architect
Alice Babini – intern architect
André Portugal Godinho – architect
Anita Carvalho – intern architect
Bernardo Soares – communication
Catarina Fernandes – architect
Ana Pacheco – landscape architect
Arménio Silva – architect
César Rocha – product designer
Dalila Vaz – architect
Diogo Paixão – architect
Domingos Loureiro – artist
Fernando Ferreira – architect
Filipe Paixão – architect
Francisco Costa – architect
Gisele Araújo – intern architect
Gustavo Briz – architect
Iris Rebelo – graphic design intern
João Fernandes – architect
João Merlini – motion graphics
João Oliveira – architect
Luís Diniz – architect
Marcos Cruz- technical drawing

Márcio Lameirão – intern architect
Márcio Rodrigues – intern architect
Mariana Alves – intern architect
Mariana Oliveira – interior designer
Mariana Filipe – intern architect
Maria Teresa Ferreira – intern architect
Manoella Cabrera – intern architect
Nuno Almeida – graphic designer
Patrícia Pereira – intern architect
Paulo Bouça – product designer
Pedro Cruz – motion graphics
Pedro Davis – motion graphics
Rafael Ramalho – architect
Regina Botelho – architect
Rui Israel – architect
Sandra Rego – architect
Sara João – architect
Sara Martins – trainee architect
Sofia Mota Silva – architect
Teresa Almeida – graphic designer
Victor Esteves – landscape architect
Yannick Joosten – trainee architect

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